Video: More From the Backyard Brawl

Curtis Feigt made his first appearance on the field in a Mountaineers uniform, and his presence helped spark a Mountaineer rally in an emotional win over Pitt

Feigt, a sophomore, had never played a snap for West Virginia prior to Friday's win over Pitt. Yet there he was, along with Quinton Spain, anchoring the right side of West Virginia's line on its first possession in the third quarter. To that point, the Mountaineer rushing game was in reverse, going backwards for minus two yards in the first half.

That total didn't last for long, as WVU, after yielding another field goal on yet another special teams gaffe, rumbled for 44 yards on five carries to put the Mountaineers into the end zone and set up the win.

Feigt admitted to be nervous when he heard his number called, but he blocked aggressively and didn't play tentatively -- something that offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh noted may have been a problem with his charges. The fear of making mistakes may have contributed to that, but Feigt and Spain didn't show any of those characteristics. Certainly, they had mistakes also, but the duo could be in a position to see more time next week against USF.

In these postgame discussions, Feigt discusses his recent elevation from the scout team, while Bedenbaugh reveals he has never played anyone with less experience than Feigt in a critical situation.

Another standout of the game, Corey Smtth, describes his big punts and the mindset he had when returning to the field just a few weeks after losing the punting job.

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