Heights of Hypocrisy

All along, we've been told that the offers and votes of ACC expansion wouldn't have been made if the outcome wasn't already known.

If that's true, then why all the doubletalk coming from wannabe corporate raider John Swofford after the ACC's visits to the University of Miami?

In an AP article, Swofford said that "the process is moving forward, and we'll see how it ultimately culminates." Swofford also said there is "serious interest" on the part of the three breakaway Big East schools, and that the ACC is "mutually evaluating where we are as a conference and where those institutions are with their programs and where we all will be best suited for the future."

What a load of crapola. Why can't anyone say what they mean anymore? Is it because every public statement gets parsed and hashed so thoroughly? Is it to try to save face if things don't go in the expected direction, or simply to try to cover the speaker's behind?

The ACC wants to take Miami. Miami wants to bring along Syracuse and Boston College to try to hold on Miami's population base in the northeast, where the school attracts a number of students from. As by products, they hope to get a least a portion of the TV markets, although Syracuse and BC don't exacly draw monster ratings in their neck of the woods. And perhaps most significantly of all, the ACC wants to raid the Big East's BCS bid, which would make another at large bid available for the plucking, and which, in the ACC's view, would be grabbed by their school on a regular basis.

I might have a bit more respect for the ACC and Swofford if they had come out and said those things, especially at this late date. Instead, they act like they are still on "fact-finding" tours and are still gathering information that could affect their decision.

Again, that's a load of garbage. I bet there's not one bit of information that the ACC delegation gleaned on their trip to Coral Gables that affected their decision one iota.

All this doubletalk and verbal obfuscation does is make the purveyors of such nonsense appear less trustworthy. As if there's not enough of that going around these days. The only reason the site visits were made is because ACC bylaws mandate them - nothing more.

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