Video: More Miami Postgame

Deniz Kilicli, Aaron Brown and Gary Browne offered their perspectives on WVU's win over the Hurricanes.

A common theme in the interviews of Brown and Browne concerned starting roles. What maost don't understand, though, is that starting isn't all that important. It's who gets the minutes at crunch time, and who is the most productive. Every team has players that eat minutes and fill time on the court without putting up big point or rebounding totals -- who's to say that those players can't be starters?

The important thing is for the freshman duo to understand their roles, and continue to play well when they are on the court. If they do that, their playing time will increase.

All of the players noted that WVU was much more intense after halftime, identifying that as a key factor in West Virginia's second-half dominance.

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