Love of Contact

Sean Walters has always liked contact. The physical nature of the game is what attracted him to football, and made him a defensive standout for Hallandale High School. Now he's set to continue his career at West Virginia, and plans to bring his aggressive nature to the Mountaineer defense.

Sean Walters has played several different positions for Hallandale, but has exhibited one thing in common at all of them – a hard-striking aggressiveness that has made him a solid tackler. Whether dropping down to an outside linebacker spot, playing the back end at free safety or manning points in between as a strong safety or a rover, the upbeat senior has been a force to be reckoned with on the field.

"Playing downhill on defense is one of my strengths. I've always been a hard hitter, and I feel like I'm a downhill runner when I'm getting to the ball," he said of his play on the field. "I think I'm good in coverage too. I can drop back and cover against the pass, but getting down on the ball is what I am good at."

Walters is slated to begin his career as a bandit at West Virginia, but could well move to another position before he's through, especially if he adds size.

"They'll start me out at one of the strong safeties, the bandit I think they call it, where I can blitz but still cover and drop into pass coverage," the 6-2, 195-pound defender said. "I could see moving down to linebacker if I get bigger, because there's no telling how my body might come out. I could grow more and put on 20 or 30 pounds. But that doesn't really matter. I will play anywhere on defense. I just like hitting – I've liked that all my life."

Walters visit to West Virginia simply firmed up everything he was thinking about the school, but he found some other aspects that made his decision even easier.

"I just felt more comfortable there," he said. "The people that were there, the coaches and the way they interact with the players, all of that was good. And I like that it's a college town. In Miami, there are fans of a lot of other teams, pro teams and everything like that. It's kind of a distraction. I know at West Virginia everyone is just a fan of one team, and I really like that."

Also contributing to the comfort level was the preponderance of Florida players on WVU's current roster and committed recruit list.

"Definitely, all the Florida players being there was a factor," he said of his decision. "Some of the players I knew, because our schools are rivals in high school. SO talking with Stedman Bailey and Ivan McCartney and some of those guys, that was fun. I got to interact with them, and I'm going to be future teammates with them. That really set the tone."

Walters had a visit set to Western Michigan this weekend, but said he was solid on his commitment to WVU, and didn't plan on taking that visit. He's now trying to figure out a way to attend the Orange Bowl before enrolling at West Virginia for the spring semester.

"I'm graduating early, and I'm qualified and have all of that ready to go," he said. "I plan to come to some practices, but WVU can't give me tickets to the game, because that would be a violation. So, I'm hoping that my family can get me a ticket and get there."

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