Senior Stalwart

Julian Miller participated in one of his last interview sessions as a Mountaineer on Saturday, and as always provided thoughtful, insightful answers to the questions posed. What happened when we turned the tables?

Julian Miller has answered just about every possible question during his Mountaineer career, so when given the chance to ask something that he hadn't been asked before, he couldn't come up with anything.

"I'm not even sure," he said after giving it some thought. "I think I'm better answering questions than asking them."

Miller also expressed the hope that he had been courteous and polite with reporters during his career -- a thought that we can confirm without reservation. Miller has been a "go-to guy" for reporters throughout his career, and has been a pleasure to speak with during his time at WVU.

In this interview, Miller discusses some of the things WVU's defensive line will have to do in order to slow Clemson's offense, and speaks about the competition that exists between members of the defense.

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