Connecticut AG Files For Expedited Discovery

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal yesterday filed a motion for expedited discovery in the lawsuit brought by the University of Connecticut and four other Big East schools against the University of Miami, Boston College and the ACC. If granted, the motion would compel the defendants to produce documents and give depositions much sooner than would normally occur during the course of a lawsuit.

Specifically, the motion seeks a schedule to compel depositions of several key players including, among others, Miami President Donna Shalala (July 1), Miami Athletic Director Paul Dee (July 2), Miami Chancellor Edward Foote II (July 3), BC President Revered William Leahy (July 8), BC Athletic Director Eugene DeFillipo (July 9), and ACC Commissioner John Swofford (July 7).

"Our legal cause remains clearly urgent and immediate. Time is of the essence. The ACC's vote could happen any day now - prompting defection by Miami, BC, and Syracuse, destroying the Big East and threatening irreparable injury to the remaining Big East schools," said Blumenthal. "In two separate letters, we gave the defendants a chance to voluntarily cooperate with our discovery request. They have provided no acceptable response. Our hope was that we could avoid court motions through voluntary cooperation, but the urgency of action and the defiance and intransigence of the defendants compels us to seek expedited discovery."

The motion asks for the production of a variety of documents from the University of Miami, Boston College, Syracuse University, the ACC, and its member schools regarding:

-The ACC's consideration of expanding, or plans to expand, its conference membership to other schools.

-Plans by the defecting schools to leave the Big East.

-Any Big East member school's intentions to remain, or not to remain, in the Big East. Efforts by any of the defecting schools, the ACC and/or any ACC member school to persuade or induce other Big East schools to depart the Big East.

-The future composition of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) or the potential impact of any conference realignment on the BCS, including any potential impact on television contracts or rights.

-Any studies of the financial or other impact on the ACC, Big East, or any member school of either conference of any Big East schools joining the ACC.

-Any direct or indirect communications between or among the ACC, any of its member schools, the defecting schools, or any television or broadcast network regarding any potential impact of any conference realignment on the ACC and/or the Big East.

If the motion is granted, the defendants would have two weeks from today's date to produce the requested documents.

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