Staying The Course

Shannon Dawson has a new title -- offensive coordinator -- in 2012, but his duties aren't going to be all that different from what he did in 2011. What will change for West Virginia's second year offensive coach?

"The dynamics of this job are going to be the same," Shannon Dawson said of his elevation to offensive coordinator. "We're trying to figure out a plan before every drive. But there are times when you have to change things up. You can't do the same things over and over."

Another thing that won't change is Dawson's use of his star receiver, Tavon Austin.

"Our mindset is to get him as many different touches as we can in as many different ways. I think what you saw in the Orange Bowl will bleed over a lot into this year."

One thing Dawson does want is more competition at his position. Last year, the Mountaineers didn't have anywhere near the eight wide receivers he wanted to run in the offense, and he hopes the big numbers in this recruiting class, plus a year's experience, will help in that regard.

"That's one of the reasons we signed a significant number of receivers," he said. "We have to get our numbers up, and the only way we can get our starters better is to get guys behind them that are good or almost as good."

In the following clip, Dawson goes more in-depth on competition and his hopes for the wide receiver position in 2012.

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