BGN Podcast: NCAA Edition

March is typically a busy time of year on the West Virginia University sports calendar, but this week featured the start of both spring football practice and the Mountaineer basketball team's NCAA Tournament run. Thus, Tony Dobies and Patrick Southern had plenty to discuss in the latest edition of our podcast.

This edition includes the following:

  • A complete breakdown of Thursday's NCAA Tournament game against Gonzaga.

  • A look at the East Regional bracket overall, and what the ceiling might be for West Virginia -- as well as what would make for a successful postseason run.

  • A discussion of what we each look forward to seeing most during this season's spring football practice.

    As always, we encourage you to chime in on all of the above topics by posting on the Silver Lot about the podcast. We would be happy to discuss any of the above questions with you -- or anything else related to the basketball postseason or spring football.

    Editor's Note: We apologize for some occasionally subpar audio quality. While the audio may be a bit distorted at times, we do believe the podcast should certainly be intelligible.

    LISTEN HERE: BGN Podcast

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