Bad economy? You couldn't prove it by the first day of West Virginia's football, basketball and wreslting camps, which filled the registration areas to the brim.

The first day of football camp saw at least 425 players register for the individual portion of the camp, which is a huge jump from past year. And despite the increase in numbers, everything seemed to progress smoothly, from registration to the first practice session of the camp Sunday evening.

With team cmaps and passing camps still to come, there will be more than 1000 players getting a look at West Virginia's football operations over the next week. And of course, included in that mix will be a number of potential football prospects. We'll have updates on a number of them after the camp session, including players such as Jonathan Krohe, John Bradshaw and Josh Vogelbach.

Down the hall, the basketball camp was filled to capacity with 240 players registered for the first camp of the summer. There will be two more camps, including a team camp, for the roundballers as well.

Despite the increase in numbers, care is being taken to ensure that the campers don't overwhelm the instructors. The camps, which include all the coaches from both sports plus some high school mentors, are designed to ensure that each camper gets some individual attention from their assigned coach.

Recent Mountaineers Zach Dillow and Jajuan Seider were among those helping out at football camp. Seider had a workout recently with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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