Trusting Souls?

Rutgers Athletic Director Robert Mulcahy is showing more trust, and possibly more naivete, than his counterpart Father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H.

For those unfamiliar with that TV classic, Father Mulcahy is a gentle, trusting soul who believes in the good in everyone. And it appears that with his latest proposal, Rutgers A.D. Robert Mulcahy is sharing some brainwaves with the fictional M*A*S*H priest.

Mulcahy has proposed that the Big East allow Miami to go to the ACC, in return for a promise from those schools that they would drop their efforts to add any other Big East members.

"It's time that this whole thing came to an end. Reasonable people should be able to sit down and come to a compromise without destroying a league,'' Mulcahy told the Newark Star-Ledger today.

Excuse us, but a compromise? Reasonable people? The Big East schools are expected to trust the ACC, which has been working to knock the Big East from the perch among the BCS-worthy?

As we've seen throughout this process, contracts, agreements and bylaws are ignored and trumpeted by turns, depending on each party's position at the current time. Expecting all the schools to trust one another at this point is like asking the Romanovs to trust the Bolsheviks.

If there's lesson that any observer of the legal system should have learned by now, it's that there's not a contract or agreement that can't be wriggled out of with some fancy lawyering. therefore, any sort of "agreement" that would be drawn up to cover this latest proposal wouldn't be worth the paper it's printed on.

It's a nice idea in the abstract, but in reality we wouldn't trust Miami, or the ACC, as far as we could throw John Swofford.

At the same time, the Big East schools are pressing their case. A judged in Connecticut is scheduled to hear preliminary arguments on Thursday to consider moving the suit to the state's complex case division in Waterbury.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is opposing the move, but remains focused on getting the case moving as quickly as possible. He has renewed his request to begin depositions immediately.

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