Report: Miami, Tech Invited To ACC

According to the Washington Post, the ACC will extend invitations to Miami and Virginia Tech to join the conference for the 2004-05 season.

The move, which came as a surprise out of Tuesday evening's conference call among ACC presidents, still leaves a number of loose ends if it is accurate. A Virginia Tech spokesman was quoted as saying that the university has not received an formal notification as of late Thursday evening.

Among the questions arising from such a move:

- Will the ACC now target a 12th school to reach the mandated level for a championship game, or will they spearhead a drive to reduce the number of teams required to hold such a game?

- How will Virginia Tech, and the Virginia Attorney General, remove themselves from the lawsuit against the ACC and Boston College?

- If the ACC remains at 11 schools, will they split into uneven divisions, or remain as one league? How will scheduling, especially on the football side, be worked?

- How did Virginia Tech garner an invite without a campus visit from the ACC, which would appear to be in violation of the ACC's expansion procedures?

- Will the schools, if the invitations are forthcoming, vote to accept before the June 30 deadline that would push the defection fee from $1 million to $2 million?

The reported invitations by the ACC are just the latest in what has been a back and forth war between the two conferences and member schools. The next anticipated action would be a request for an injunction by whatever schools remain in the suit against the ACC in order to block the invitations into the conference, or at least to block the defecting schools' acceptance of the offer.

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