The Right Time

Hodari Christian "just felt like he was ready" to make his college choice after doing extensive research on the schools interested in him, and thus became the third commitment in West Virginia's football Class of 2013.

"I have been down to West Virginia two or three times, and I looked at the other schools and did a lot of research," he said of the decision-making process. "I just felt like I was ready to go ahead and make my choice. I like the coaches there, and how they play on defense. It all just felt comfortable to me."

Two factors that played into that comfort level were Christian's rapport with assistant coach Steve Dunlap, who was his recruiting coach, as well as with his potential college position.

"Coach Dunlap is real cool," said the soft-spoken Christian, who is somewhat reserved during the interview process. "I always felt comfortable around him. I'm going to be playing outside linebacker, and that's good – that's the best fit for me in college. I've played both outside and middle in high school, but I think that outside spot is best for me. When I get up there I will probably put on about ten pounds, and I think that will make me good to go."

Christian currently checks in at six feet and 215 pounds, and ran a 4.5 40-yard dash over the summer. Once he narrowed his interest down (WVU and Pitt were the two finalists, with the Mountaineers holding a strong lead throughout), he decided to make his call.

"I did want to make that decision, and get it out of the way so I could focus on my senior season," said Christian, echoing a motivation of many early commitments. "I want to help my team win a championship (McKeesport made the playoffs but fell short of a title a year ago), and I can do that by focusing on my senior season."

One factor that didn't necessarily play a big role was West Virginia's move to the Big 12 conference. While Christian noted that the competition will be tougher, his decision was more about himself and his intended destination.

"It was more about the school I'm going to [West Virginia] than the schools we are going to play," he summed up. "It will be bigger and tougher competition, and that's o.k., but for me it was more about West Virginia."


  • Christian continues a nice trend of linebackers from McKeesport. Mountaineer stalwart Anthony Leonard also hailed from the school.

  • A solid student, Christian plans to double major in sports management and a discipline in the business field.

  • Hodari's name comes from his father, who also carries the somewhat unique moniker. "I don't really know where it came from or what it means," he said. "I'm a junior, and that's all I know about it."

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