Statements From Big East Schools, Lead Counsel

Statements from the five suing Big East conference schools and the lead attorney on the case have just been released.

Big East Schools Statement:

The Big East remains a strong, elite conference comprising some of the finest universities in the country. Those schools have produced an enviable record of high performance in intercollegiate athletic competition and enjoy a strong and loyal following in their home region, the most populous in the country, and beyond. The Big East athletic directors, presidents and chancellors involved in Division IA are dedicated to building an even stronger conference and will continue to approach that challenge with commitment, creativity and a sense of urgency.

Philip Austin, President, University of Connecticut David C. Hardesty, Jr., President, West Virginia University William P. Leahy, S.J., President, Boston College Richard McCormick, President, Rutgers University Mark A. Nordenberg, Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh Kenneth A. Shaw, Chancellor and President, Syracuse University

Jeffrey Mishkin Statement

We will continue vigorously to protect the Big East in the courts of Connecticut. The ACC's 50th anniversary will now be marked with depositions and document discovery exposing the ACC's predatory conduct and Miami's conspiratorial actions.

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