Another Blast From Connecticut Attorney General

Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal isn't taking the announcment of Miami's defection lightly, as this statement shows.

"Our lawsuit is now a certainty. We will pursue this legal action tenaciously and vigorously – seeking remedies on a fast track.

"Our goal is to halt the ongoing harm and recover for the damage inflicted on Connecticut by this illegal conspiracy. Our specific steps will be decided in coming days. While we intend to be deliberate and prudent, we will seek strong, prompt action to protect our interests.

"Today marks the end of a sad chapter in collegiate athletics. Indeed, some say collegiate athletics will never be the same. The conduct has been regrettable and reprehensible, and the repercussions will be felt for years to come.

"The next chapter will occur in court – not in secret closed-door discussions, but in open proceedings where accountability can be enforced. There, we will aggressively and quickly pursue the full range of available remedies. The deal is different, but our determination is undiminished and our goal remains the same – protecting the Big East and Connecticut's interests, and holding accountable all responsible for damage inflicted.

"Our legal action can claim at least one accomplishment so far – preventing the ACC from luring away two charter members and valued partners of the Big East. Our continued court fight will seek to halt ongoing harm, and compensate for damage already done.

"We hope that the court will impose a schedule for discovery and other progress in the case that will be measured in weeks not months, and that we will be given access to witnesses, documents and other relevant evidence as promptly as possible.

"Now that Boston College is no longer a defendant, we hope for its cooperation in providing information and evidence as to the secret, backroom discussions involved in the conspiracy to destroy the Big East."

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