Defense Building

West Virginia's reception on the Florida recruiting trail has been outstanding since the team's 70-33 demolition of Clemson in the Orange Bowl. WVU assistant coach Joe DeForest, who works that state, discusses the response he has seen and identifies the plans he has for rebuilding the Mountaineer defense in 2012 and beyond.

Joe DeForest hit something of a recruiting jackpot when he came to WVU. He was assigned parts of Florida as his recruiting territory, and immediately reaped the benefits of West Virginia's 70-33 win over Clemson. Of course, recruiting is a tough battle no matter where it is carried out, but DeForest acknowledges that he has been well-received in the months after the Orange Bowl win.

In this exclusive interview, DeForest also discusses recruiting to WVU's new defensive scheme and how he plans to build depth on that side of the ball.

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