Working for Offers

West Virginia prospect Dustin Crouser had an "all right" session at WVU's one day camp on Sunday, but it was good enough to keep the Mountaineer coaching staff very interested in the rough and ready rising senior.

Dustin Crouser, a standout linebacker at George Washington High School in Charleston, W. Va., made the familiar trip to WVU's campus on Sunday for a one-day camp session on Sunday. Crouser, who has been working non-stop to earn college scholarship offers, said that he got a lot out of the sessions in Milan Puskar Stadium.

"I learned a lot from the coaches," he said of his most recent visit to a WVU camp. "They are really good. For example, they pointed out to me about staying square to the ball [with my feet]. I hadn't thought about that a lot, because I had just been chasing the ball. That really will help in both my pursuit and in my pass coverage."

Another item that will help Crouser is his increased speed and quickness. He's been working with a personal trainer to lower his times in the 40 and improve his agility, and he's seen good results there. Those were clearly on display during his camp session at WVU, where he was fluid and surefooted as he went through the numerous agility drills in the early periods of camp.

Crouser is just getting started with his summer camp work. He and his high school teammates will be participating in several 7-on-7 camps over the next few weekends, and he also hopes to sneak in some more individual camp sessions at schools such as N.C. State and Wake Forest.

The end goal of all that work is scholarship offers, of course, and Crouser believes he can achieve that goal. He already has offers from Charlotte and Wofford, and thinks one could be forthcoming from Ohio soon. Where does West Virginia stand?

"The coaches said they were going to wait until after camps to make any more offers, and they said they thought I could play either linebacker or fullback," he said. "I'm fine with that -- wherever I could play is fine. I've played both positions in high school, and I think I am capable of playing either one in college."

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