Incoming Hoop Recruits Highlight Camp

All four of West Virginia's incoming basketball recruits, plus verbal commitment Daris Nicols of the Class of 2004, played together during WVU's recent team basketball camp.

While the players (Brad Byerson, Tyler Relph, Frank Young and Jerrah Young) have skills, it was often difficult to get a good read on how quickly they might be able to contribute as freshmen. The fact that this was the first time they had played together put a crimp on their ability to play together as a team, and they often were playing out of position.

However, a few items were apparent. Relph and Nichols are both intense players who work hard on both ends of the floor, and should be ok handling the ball. Relph's shooting ability was also evident.

It was difficult to evaluate the inside play of the Youngs and Byerson, as they often were matched up against much shorter players. However, all three appeared to handle the ball well, with Byerson's dribbling and passing skills heading the list.

Here's a look at a pair of the newcomers from last week's action. Byerson snares a steal and feeds Jerrah Young for a dunk.

Byerson to Young - High speed connection

Byerson to Young - Low speed connection

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