Prep Route

Elijah Macon has confirmed that he is heading to Brewster Academy for a post-graduate year this fall, and provides updates on the reasons for his decision.

Elijah Macon, who signed with West Virginia during the early signing period last fall, said there are two major reasons for his opting to attend Brewster Academy this fall.

"I broke my wrist in February, and had surgery on it, and I'm still recovering from that," the 6-9 forward said. "I need some time to get back into shape and get all the way back from that injury."

The second factor is Macon's test scores, which are short of what he needs to qualify academically. He worked hard at Huntington Prep to overcome some early academic struggles, but is still short of the mark.

"The last score I have, I was still six points short of what I needed," he explained. "I did take the ACT again a couple of weeks ago, but even if I qualified, a six-point jump would probably get flagged by the NCAA. So, I think it is better for me to take an extra year, recover from my injury and have that time to work on my academics."

Macon confirmed that Brewster is his destination of choice for this fall, and that he is not looking at any other options for prep school. He also said that he remains committed to West Virginia.

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