West Virginia Scores Well On APR

It might be a score that's just as important as any score on the fields or courts of play.

While 70-33 will live long in the hearts of Mountaineer fans, it's another score, released today, that might be just as important in WVU's future success. That one is 975 -- West Virginia's Academic Progress Rate (APR) score.

Why is this score important? First and foremost, teams that fall below a 900 multi-year score or a 930 mark over the previous two years can be docked scholarships and barred from postseason competition -- a fate that could certainly affect recruiting and competitiveness down the road. Fortunately, WVU's mark has been moving up in recent years, going from an overall score of 956 in 2008 to 975 this year. West Virginia's 2012 mark is also two points higher than the average of all NCAA schools (973) over the previous four years.

All of West Virginia's individual teams are also in good academic graces, having earned marks well above the mandated minimums. As a result, no Mountaineer teams will suffer penalties at the hands of the NCAA.

For the 2010-11 academic year, West Virginia had three teams with perfect 1,000 scores: gymnastics, rowing and men's soccer. Those helped contribute to the rise in West Virginia's overall scores from last season.

The current four-year APR scores for WVU's varsity teams (2007-08 to 2010-11) are as follows: baseball 946; men's basketball 979; women's basketball 981; cross country 996; football 953; gymnastics 995; rifle 992; rowing 971; men's soccer 989; women's soccer 991; men's swimming 960; women's swimming 973; tennis 978; indoor track 989; outdoor track 989; volleyball 973; and wrestling 928.

"I am pleased that our average score continues to climb each year and certainly thrilled that our average score ranks higher than the national average," says Director of Athletics Oliver Luck. "I want to congratulate the gymnastics, rowing and men's soccer teams for their perfect scores in 2010-11. Overall, our teams continue to make good academic progress, and our 975 APR score is strong."

Any student-athlete receiving athletic aid in a varsity sport can earn up to four points per year for being academically eligible and remaining enrolled in the institution. A team's APR is the total points earned on the roster divided by that squad's total possible points, multiplied by 1,000.

Teams must achieve a 900 multiyear APR or a 930 average over the most recent two years to avoid immediate penalties (involving the possible reduction of practice time and access to postseason competition).

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