Students And Teachers

Even WVU's veteran defensive players only had 15 practices this spring to get accustomed to the Mountaineers' new hybrid 3-4 scheme. So without coaches around to help during 7-on-7s this summer, the teaching process can be a bit difficult

Linebacker Doug Rigg hopes to be one of the vocal leaders of the West Virginia defense this fall, but he has a bit of uncertainty about just what to tell his teammates in certain situations.

Thus, Rigg has taken a position similar to a new doctor taking the Hippocratic Oath: his chief aim is to do no harm.

"Certain positions, a freshman will ask me, and I'm not 100 percent sure," Rigg said. "I'm not trying to steer them the wrong way, but I'm trying to give them an idea of what they're supposed to do, but I don't know in every scenario what they're supposed to do.

"I'll tell them to do something, but say, ‘Maybe we'll game plan it differently or maybe Coach will want something different.' I'm just trying to not mess anybody up going into camp."

Rigg discussed the final weeks of summer conditioning and what he expects from the Mountaineers' move to the Big 12 in the following interview:

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