Marcellus Mulls Decision, Makes Call

Immokalee offensive dual threat Jacky Marcellus thought he was going to commit to West Virginia last week, but decided to think things over and be sure of his decision. After a week, nothing changed for the Florida star, so he called WVU and committed this morning.

Jacky Marcellus was blown away by West Virginia's offense, but he still wanted to make sure the Mountaineers were the best choice. So, even though he contemplated committing to WVU last week, he decided to hold off and make a final check before announcing his choice.

Marcellus consulted with friends, teammates and coaches, and did some serious soul-searching before arriving at the same conclusion he did earlier -- West Virginia was the pick.

"I love the West Virginia offense and how they use their receivers," the upbeat Florida native said. "The town is great too. It's all about winning, and it loves football.

"Some of the people I talked to said if you feel the same about West Virginia after another week goes by, you should go ahead and do it. I thought about it, and took that week to talk to everyone I could. Nothing came close to the way I felt about West Virginia, so I called the coaches today to commit."

Although Marcellus is listed as a running back, he will begin his WVU career as a slot receiver.

I've played both positions all the way through high school, so I'm comfortable in the slot," he said. "I'm not mad at all to be recruited as a wide receiver. I think playing running back really helped me with open field running. It will take more than arm tackles to bring me down."

MArcellus, who current checks in at 5-8 and 174 pounds, will set up his first visit to WVU for a game this fall. In the mantime, he'll also try to convince teammates Mackenro Alexander and Deadrin Senat to join him on the Mountaineer commit list.

"I'd love for those guys to come and join me at West Virginia," he said."

Marcellus did not rule out taking other visits, but said that he was a firm West Virginia commitment. He will continue to play both running back and slot receiver during his senior season, and will also be a return specialist at Immokalee. We are going to make a run for states. Wilol

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