New Facilities Not Affected By Conference Moves

West Virginia is continuing to move aggressively forward with renovations and new construction in their athletic facilities. Over the next few days, we'll take a look at the plans and conceptions for improvements in football, basketball and soccer facilities.

Up first, we'll look at football. There are two major additions and renovations in the works for the buildings on Don Nehlen Drive. The first is the addition of stadium suites and a club seating area in the north end zone, with the second being a big facelift for the Puskar Center, including the addition of a football history exhibit, renovations of the player lounge, and the revamping of the entranceways and reception area.

Regular maintenance work, including the pressure washing and resealing of sections of the stadium, also continues on a yearly basis. That work, while not nearly as noticeable, is also important in preserving the stadium.

Today we'll take a sneak peek at the stadium suites, from both inside and out. These suites, along with some 650 club seats immediately outside and below the suites, are scheduled to get started in earnest at the end of the 2003 football season, and be completed before the 2004 campaign begins. About half of the 18 suites have already been sold.

New Stadium Suites

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