Connecticut AG Releases Timetable for Suit

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has announced a schedule for action in the lawsuit against the ACC and the University of Miami.

"I am pleased that a fast-track can be anticipated for our case seeking to protect the Big East and recover for harm done to Connecticut's interests. We expect discovery beginning almost immediately through document requests, formal interrogatories, and depositions of witnesses with key knowledge of defendant activities. Whatever the unfolding events, we are committed to this court fight, aiming to achieve the most effective and appropriate remedies as soon as possible."

The schedule set by the parties in the conference, and submitted to the judge, is as follows: August 8th through September 5th will be discovery, including interrogatories, document requests, and depositions; September 15th is the due date for the plaintiffs' memorandum on the defendants' motions to dismiss; September 24th is the due date for the defendants' reply; and, September 29th will be the hearing on the defendants' motions to dismiss.

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