Video: Defensive Line Focus

Will Clarke has grabbed much of the preseason spotlight focused on West Virginia's defensive front, but his starting linemates will have just as much to say in determining the Mountaineers' 2012 success.

For his part, Jorge Wright is bothered at all about the attention paid to Clarke. After all, he's an interior plugger who's used to the anonymity that is a lineman's usual lot in life. He's happy for the attention Clarke has gotten, but he notes that Clarke isn't the only Mountaineer in Erik Slaughter's group that is primed to have an impact this fall.

Shaq Rowell has followed the typical path of a junior college lineman. His first year in the WVU program was marked with some contributions (eight tackles in ten games), but was more notable for the lessons he learned about the major college game. Following that up-and-down sophomore campaign, he too says that he is more prepared for the upcoming season, and offers some frank statements about the coaching he has received from the new staff.

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