Visit Puts WVU In The Picture

The Hun School's Hunter Knighton had narrowed down his college choices recently, but a visit to West Virginia may have expanded his list.

Hunter Knighton, a standout offensive lineman from The Hun School, made a somewhat unexpected visit to West Virginia on Saturday, and came away liking everything about the experience. So much so, in fact, that the senior has now added West Virginia to his list of interest.

"The fans, the experience, it was just great," said Knighton, who took in pre-game activities from the field before watching the win from the stands. "It's the best game environment I've ever seen."

Knighton, who also cited WVU's facilities as one of the highlights of his trip, said that he and the Mountaineer coaching staff had missed connections on more than one occasion, which kept WVU out of his consideration. After his visit, though, he said that's no longer the case.

"We just weren't able to get things lined up," he explained, citing busy schedules as a reason for the missed connections. "But now that I've had the visit, I am considering them if they offer. I met Coach Spavital and Coach Bedenbaugh, and if they offer they will be a school that I'll be strongly interested in."

Knighton said that West Virginia's coaches told him they would be in touch with him in the next day or two to let him know about the decision on an offer. If that occurs, the Mountaineers will be on his list, but he also plans to take visits to his other schools of interest, which include Purdue, Boston College, USF, Navy, and Miami. A high school schedule that includes most games on Saturdays will delay his efforts to get all of those scheduled over the next couple of months, but he said he wants, at this point, to see all of them before making a decision.

Knighton is scheduled to graduate in December and enroll in his school of choice in January, 2013.

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