There are many high school players across the country that play on both offense and defense, but William Penn Charter star and West Virginia commit Daryl Worley is taking it to extremes.

"I'm pretty much on the field all game," Worley said after kicking off his season with another all-around performance in a 30-0 win over Samuel Fels. "It can get tiring, but I'm a senior, and I know I have to do everything I can to help my team."

The 6-1, 185-pound safety is committed to West Virginia as a defender, but that's just the start of his participation at the Philadelphia school. He plays wide receiver on offense and is on all the kick return teams, leaving just a couple of chances for him to catch a breather on the sideline.

It's not as if the well-spoken senior is just whiling away his time while waiting for his primary assignment on defense. In the win over Fels, he had 80 receiving yards and a score to go along with a pick on defense. As one of his team's "Big Three", along with offensive lineman Mike McGlinchey and running back Eric Neefe, Worley is committed to providing leadership on the field -- and he's doing that by playing every snap possible.

Worley admits he wishes for a break at times, but knows that his skills are needed across the board by his team. His coaches do try to keep from wearing him down in practice, knowing that it's a long season.

"In practice, I mostly concentrate on defense," said Worley, who is working on everything that will help in as a defender at WVU. "But in the games, I don't come out much. I want to be able to change the game.

Worley takes the field again Saturday when it hosts McDonogh of Owings Mills, Md.

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