Future Teammates Have Crash Meeting

At last year's Big 33 game, it was center Jeremy Hines and nose guard Rachid Stoury butting heads on play after play. This year, on-field contact between future Mountaineers came in a different manner, but one that was much more noticeble to fans.

Ohio defensive lineman Keilen Dykes, who was the Pennsylvania backfield early and often, met Pennsylvania quarterback Adam Bednarik several times during the contest. Included in the hits were two sacks. And strangely enough, the players talked about such an occurence at a pre-game get together.

"I saw him at a party before the game with our host families, and we talked about that," Bednarik said after the game. He (Dykes) said 'You know that before we go to West Virginia I have to get a few shots in on you.' It looks like he did his job tonight."

Dykes did just that, as he got consistent pressure on Pennsylvania's quarterbacks. In a separate interview, he also descibed the pregame meeting.

"I told him I was going to have to hit him a couple of times before we become teammates," Dykes echoed with a laugh. "I let him know. I wasn't trying to talk any stuff, though. After the hits, I was trying to help him up, but my teammates pulled me away."

Like the other WVU-bound players in the game, Dykes and Bednarik were happy to have the chance to meet with their future teammates and spend some time with them before heading to West Virginia. Some, like Dykes and Ohio teammate Davanzo Tate, are longtime friends, while others just met during the Big 33 activities. Each however, noted that having a circle of friends and acquaintances to call on when things get tough will be a big help.

"Davanzo and I are tight, and we've talked about it some," said Dykes as he looked ahead to his time in Morgantown. "I've talked with [WVU defensive back] Thandi Smith, too. It will really help to have people with you that you know."

Many of WVU's Big 33 contingent are heading to the University City this week for workouts and conditioning. The entire team will report on Sunday, August 3rd and begin on-field workouts on Monday, August 4th.

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