Poll Positioning

Despite losses above it, West Virginia didn't make any gains, and in fact, fell in the more irrelevant of the two national polls on Sunday.

The Associated Press poll, which is propped up only because writers with control of the industry continue to publicize it, saw West Virginia drop a spot to number nine following its win over Maryland. Oklahoma fell from its spot in front of WVU, but Kansas State leaped eight positions to number seven following its win over the Sooners, while idle Stanford apparently impressed enough voters with its practices this week to move above the Mountaineers.

WVU totaled 1,045 points in the poll, trailing KState by 22 and Stanford by ten. Perennial darling Notre Dame is tenth, 42 points behind the Mountaineers. WVU was voted as high as #5 and as low as #15 in AP balloting.

The Big 12 has six teams in the AP Poll: Kansas State (7), West Virginia (9), Texas (12), TCU (15), Oklahoma (16), and Baylor (25). Iowa State, Texas Tech and Arizona State are also receiving votes.

In the more relevant USA Today coaches poll, which is one component of the BCS ranking, West Virginia remained at #7. Oklahoma again fell behind WVU, but South Carolina's win over visiting 2-2 Missouri vaulted the Gamecocks from eighth to sixth in the standings. SC has 1149 points this week, 12 ahead of WVU at 1137.

Seven Big 12 teams are in the USA Today Coaches Top 25, headed by West Virginia. Kansas State (8), Texas (10), TCU (14), Oklahoma (15), Oklahoma State (22) and Baylor (25) make up the rest of the list. Iowa State and Texas Tech are also on the receiving votes list.

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