Rowell On The Defense

WVU nose tackle Shaq Rowell tells it like it is -- and his honest assessment of West Virginia's defensive performance against Baylor showed how he is stepping into a leadership role for the Mountaineers.

"They had a great tempo. I'm kind of embarrassed we let them put up 63 points," Shaq Rowell said. "We aren't going to let that happen again. We've played against that kind of tempo in practice, but there's nothing like playing against it in the game."

Rowell was quite vocal on the sidelines during the game, exhorting his teammates (and taking some to task) for their lack of execution during the game. He didn't point any fingers without including his own play and that of the defensive line, but he left no doubt that he was unhappy with his squad's performance against the pass. Using a few colorful metaphors, Rowell shared his feelings with his teammates, and noted that everyone has to buy in to the mantra of the defensive coaches, which is to just keep playing no matter what happened on the previous play.

Rowell noted that the defensive line "did its job" against the run, and the numbers bore him out. WVU allowed just 2.6 yards per rush, but that was more than offset by Baylor's success with the pass. Again, Rowell shared the blame, noting that the line could have generated more pressure, and that when the time comes everyone on defense has to perform.

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