What A Disappointment

West Virginia was rudely – truly – welcomed to the Big 12 Conference on Saturday in Lubbock, Texas.

A top five team, WVU definitely is not.

The Mountaineers were stunned against Texas Tech 49-14. In fact, the game was pretty much already decided before the two teams went to the locker room at the half.

It was hard to see WVU's offense putting up such a poor performance. I didn't think it would be possible anymore. But, everyone was obviously wrong.

There was nothing the Mountaineers could do – it just seemed like it wasn't their day. How disappointing.

There won't be any riots or couch burnings in Morgantown tonight, unless, that is, people can handle having such a porous defense.

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith was not his Heisman-like self. He was just 29-of-55 for 275 yards and one touchdown. He was honestly just a shadow of the player he was in every other game this season. His receivers were dropping passes, and his offensive line was getting bullied by the nation's best passing offense. And you know what's awful … the defense wasn't awful. Sure, it was picked apart like it has been all year long compared to what Mountaineer fans are used to, but WVU was able to get some turnovers and stops.

WVU's offense just didn't do anything to help. It seemed like WVU had gotten a break in the third quarter, as Doege threw a pick to linebacker Josh Francis. But, an offsides call brought it back. A play later, WVU recovered a fumble.

Still, the Mountaineers' offense was unable to move the ball, and gave it right back to Texas Tech.

It was that type of day. WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen was desperate from as early as the third quarter when he went for it on a fourth-and-six from his team's 29-yard line.

Still, despite the 49 points given up, the WVU defense gave its offense opportunities to score. And if it was capable of scoring with the Texas Tech offense, the Mountaineers would've obviously won.

WVU has to regroup, because there is no doubt that the Mountaineers can still win a Big 12 title. With its two toughest games remaining coming at the friendly turf of Milan Puskar Stadium, West Virginia still has a great shot.

There is no doubt that he Mountaineers are not ready for the big time yet, though. Even with a Heisman-type quarterback and a usually stunning offense, there are a lot of improvements to make, and the Big 12 is biting back.

Here's reality – something that will be hard to fathom at this point: WVU was not going to go undefeated. Sure, the Mountaineers were expected to win on Saturday against a Texas Tech team that just got blown out by Oklahoma a week earlier in the same venue.

But, the Big 12 champion is not going to go undefeated in league play. Kansas State is the only undefeated team in the league left, and the Wildcats head to Morgantown next weekend.

It's too tough of a league, and it's going to be tough to recover. But, it must be done. If not, West Virginia is in for a long, long rest of the season.

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