Video: Syracuse Interviews

Syracuse insisted that personnel and schematic changes by West Virginia wouldn't significantly alter game plans. But the Orange also hinted at some minute differences in facing WVU sans center Joe Madsen and with Keith Patterson as defensive coordinator.

Syracuse defensive coordinator Scott Shafer said despite the absence of WVU center Joe Madsen, the Orange would not make any significant adjustments to its defensive play calling or schemes. "We do what we do," Shafer said. And the Orange do it well, winning five of their last six games on the way to their second Pinstripe Bowl.

Syracuse offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett noted that Syracuse viewed film of Pitt under former Panther and current WVU defensive coordinator Keith Patterson, the Pitt DC in 2010. The Orange, Hackett said, have considered differences in basic philosophy and some alignment changes, but that Syracuse must stay with what made it successful in the regular season.

Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib, who is 2-0 against the Mountaineers as a starter, discussed the success SU has had staying ahead of the sticks and the need to not focus on what WVU is doing on offense – successful or not – and instead hone in on his own keys and the Orange's offensive ability to win the Pinstripe Bowl.

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