Video: NYSE Bell Ringing

A look inside the on-floor view from the NYSE, as Geno Smith rings the bell to open trading and Stedman Bailey and Dana Holgorsen, among others, take in the experience on Thursday.

Coaches, staff and other players surround Geno Smith and Ryan Nassib as they ring the NYSE bell to open trading on Thurs., Dec. 27. Smith's Mountaineers were cheered by financial employees, while Nassib, a finance major, got an inside look at his future career.

A panoramic view of the floor of the NYSE, where CNBC's Squawk Box aired live from the floor just below where WVU and Syracuse opened trading by ringing the bell.

Dana Holgorsen said he has "enough things to study without studying these numbers," in reference to the stock tickers surrounding him Thursday at the NYSE. Holgorsen said about 75 percent of WVU's players had never been to New York, and that this was a fine reward for the athletes.

Geno Smith explains his thoughts on his initial trip to New York, including Times Square, and the opportunity to ring the bell to open trading at the NYSE.

The trip to New York was also the first for Stedman Bailey, who said the NYSE floor experience was quite like what he envisioned from seeing it in movies and on television.

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