Positive Meetings

WVU commit Elijah Wellman has been a no-doubt commitment since he made his pledge, but he still sees value in the official visit he took last weekend.

Elijah Wellman committed to West Virginia almost as soon as the Mountaineers offered him a scholarship this past summer. His desire to play in state for WVU, and his affinity for the school, made him one verbal that the coaching staff didn't have to worry about. Even with that background, however, he still wanted to take his official visit for a variety of reasons.

"I thought it was very important," the well-spoken Spring Valley High senior said. "I wanted to get there and spend some time and see if there was anything I didn't like. There wasn't, but it was good to be able to see everything over a couple of days."

One of the other aspects of the visit that Wellman liked was the unhurried nature of the experience. Recruiting weekends during football season are often rushed, and also don't offer the time to visit with the coaching staff that post-season dates do.

"I really liked being able to talk to Coach Holgorsen and the rest of the coaches so much. They were around a lot more than [game weekends] so we got to talk about a lot. I was able to ask them a lot of questions, like what practice is like and what's expected of me. We also watched some film. I watched that with Coach Gillespie, and he showed me things about the fullback position and how I might line up and what I might do. It was just really good to be able to do all of that."

Wellman also counted in-person meetings with his future teammates as a big plus.

"I met Marvin Gross, and we talked a lot, and now we're going to room together," he said. "He's a good guy, and we got to hang out a lot. I also talked with Marcell Lazard and Darrien Howard and some of the other guys. I've talked with them online, but it was good to talk with them in person. You get to know people better."

Wellman was hosted on his visit by linebacker Garrett Hope, and complimented the rising sophomore on making him comfortable and showing him some of the ins and outs of campus life. He also got a sense of the team's response to the the Pinstripe Bowl loss to Syracuse.

"It didn't have any effect on me directly, but I think it did show us that we have to work hard if we are going to have success. That's on us now, and we have to do that."

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