Walking The Line

Like most football specialists, Houstin Syvertson is playing the waiting game as the calendar flips over toward Signing Day.

Houstin Syvertson, who put on an impressive punting performance at West Virginia's summer camp session for kickers, is set to make a visit this weekend to the Mountaineer campus. A lifelong fan of WVU, he's hoping for an offer, but that's a decision that might not be made until right before Signing Day, if not after.

Remember that last year WVU had a specialist on their target list in the form of Josh Lambert, who wound up receiving a scholarship offer on Signing Day. He was in the same situation that Syvertson is in now. Currently, Syvertson is a preferred walk-on target, but there's always the chance that an offer could be made between now and Signing Day. Should that happen, there's little doubt that he would be a Mountaineer, but if it doesn't occur, the potential of scholarship offers from some Division II schools would make it a tough decision. Pursue Division I as a walk-on, or accept a scholarship offer from a lower level? Getting any scholarship offer on any level is a major achievement, and the chance to attend college for free or at a reduced rate is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Syverston will be making the trip on Friday in the company of his father, Greg, who understands that many kickers across the country are in the same boat as his son.

"Specialists are often at the bottom end [of the offer process], but we know that," he said. "Choosing between a walk-on and an scholarship is a tough decision, but it's one that we know we might have to make. WVU is his dream, and it's been that way since the time he picked up a football."

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