Late Departure

After several days of uncertainty, multiple sources have confirmed that WVU offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh has accepted an offer to be Oklahoma's offensive line coach.

Bedenbuagh's departure was first confirmed from the West Virginia perspective by the Charleston Gazette which reported WVU athletic director Oliver Luck as saying that he would accept an Oklahoma offer. As recently as one day prior, other sources around the program had said that no communications had occurred between Oklahoma and Bedenbaugh. That would not have ruled out communications between OU and a party representing Bedenbaugh, however.

Just one week prior, Bedenbaugh appeared to be full steam ahead on West Virginia's behalf, working on evaluating video of 2014 recruits during an interview in his office with During that meeting, he expressed confidence in the types of offensive line recruits that he was stockpiling at West Virginia, noting that they fit the body types and abilities to be successful in his vision of an offensive line.

No details of the offer have been detailed, but sources in Oklahoma have confirmed that one of the departed line coaches there made approximately $265,000 in 2012. Bedenbaugh made $250,000 last year at West Virginia, and was slated to boost that to $300,000 this season.

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