Season Break

Nathan Adrian was just rounding back into a solid performance mode when he was sidelined by a broken metatarsal in his foot. Where does the WVU basketball signee stand in the rehabilitation process?

"I kind of struggled at the start of the season, but I felt like I was getting back to where I needed to be when this happened," Adrian said. "I don't know exactly when it happened, but I think it started at practice. The doctors said they thought it was a stress fracture, and that when I kept playing on it it finally broke."

While missing a big chunk of his senior season is a big disappointment for Adrian, the good news is that the bone stayed in alignments, meaning that no surgery or hardware insertion was required. The prescription now is for rest, an routine checkups to see how the bone is reknitting itself.

"I went in for x-rays last Monday, and I'll go back for another checkup in a couple of weeks," Adrian said. The doctor said it looked like it was getting better, and it feels that way to me. I hope it will keep going so I can get back out and play this year."

While Adrian would love nothing better than to do just that, he also is conscious of the risks involved in coming back too soon. If he tries to play before the bone is fully healed, it could break again and get out of alignment, which would necessitate surgery.

"I have thought about missing the state tournament, and that would be a bummer," he said. But I also have to think about my future, and what is down the road."

For now, that makes it a waiting game for Adrian, who is doing his best to stay in shape by lifting weights and swimming. He wants the final chance to make a run for a state title, but also doesn't want to jeopardize his future, making this a very difficult time as he awaits the results of each doctor visit.

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