Thompkins Has Sights On WVU

Swansboro (N.C.) wide receiver DeAndre Thompkins is one of the top prospects in North Carolina. In recent weeks he's seen a flurry of new offers come in, but there's one school in particular he's excited about.

The talented 6-foot, 170-pound playmaker currently holds nine offers. It was, however, a recent offer from West Virginia that has ppiqued his interest.

"I'm excited about the offer," DeAndre Thompkins exclaimed. "I love the offense and they way their program has been successful lately. They're developing players for the NFL, especially recently."

Thompkins also likes the widespread support WVU enjoys, especially in his home state.

"They have a ot of fans everywhere. I have a lot of West Virginia fans that go to my school. They tell me stories about how when they go to the games and how the fans are. So if it's anything like they say, and I'm sure it is, then that has to be the best feeling in the world."

Thompkins, who considers himself an "athlete" on the field, believes he could fit perfectly into the Mountaineers offense.

"I'm an all-around player," he said. "I'm a very good route runner and also have good hands. It really doesn't matter. You could even put me in the backfield .... kind of like a Tavon Austin type player. But most schools are looking at me as a slot receiver."

While he has never visited West Virginia before that's something he's hoping to change soon.

"I actually was talking to my dad today and we're going to come up there this summer and come for a visit," he said. "I really want to see the facilities and meet the coaches."

When choosing a school, Thompkins admits there's more to it than just football.

"I'm looking for good academics," he said. The football part is important but the school I choose has to prepare me for other things outside of the game."

Despite his excitement over the Mountaineers offer, Thompkins isn't ready to name any favorites - and likely won't until closer to the end of football season.

"I want to keep an open mind with all my schools," he confirmen. "I want to get to all my schools and see them before I make a choice. One of my goals is to see all the schools before I commit."

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