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Aliquippa High School looks to have a great year on tap in Pennsylvania high school football, and has a loaded roster complete with BCS caliber recruits. One of those players, rising senior Terry Swanson, is preparing for a successful 2013 season and camped at West Virginia on Sunday.

Terry Swanson (5-9, 180 lbs.) could easily get lost in the shuffle at Aliquippa. With a roster that includes Scout.com four-star defensive back, Dravon Henry, Swanson is just looking to make a name for himself. On Sunday, he took one step closer to gaining that attention. He participated in West Virginia's day camp to showcase his talent. Overall, Swanson felt it was a great trip.

"It was an overall good experience," Swanson said summing up the afternoon. "I was able to get to know the coaches a lot more and they were able to get to know me as an athlete."

At the request of WVU coaches, Swanson worked with the defensive backs most of the afternoon. It was an opportunity for him to work on various drills he's unfamiliar with, and allowed him to show how quickly he could take instruction and assimilate new coaching at a different position.

"The coaches showed me different agility drills," Swanson said. "Everything else was making sure I was disciplined. But I spent most of my time on the defensive side of the ball today. They know what I can do on offense so they wanted to see me at a different position. They finally got to see me on the field instead of just on tape. I feel like I really turned their heads."

Before the camp started Swanson didn't know he'd be drilled on defense. While he was "put on the spot" to play a different position that didn't deter him from giving a solid performance.

"I think I did good," he said. "I showed them I could press, I could play off, and do everything a defender needs to do. They were impressed with my versatility. They told me they loved what I did."

Having visited West Virginia before, the trip didn't reveal much that Swanson wasn't familiar with. However, according to Swanson, it's always nice to make the trip.

"I love it there," he said. "It was about the same as previous times. But, I like going down there so it's never a problem to make the trip for me."

Though Swanson left without an offer from the Mountaineers, the message given was loud and clear.

"During the camp they kept telling me to keep working, but towards the end they said they were going to do their homework on me," Swanson said. "They said they wanted to continue to watch me. I feel like an offer will come soon."

This summer Swanson plans to camp at both Pittsburgh and Penn State. He also hopes to take several visits, but those schools and dates are unknown at this point.

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