Not Just A Snap

It's not a football position that demands scholarship offers right off the bat, but that doesn't mean that recruiting isn't occurring for high school players who show promise at the highly specialize spot.

For players such as Bethel Park rising senior Matt Carr, the thought of an immediate scholarship isn't a realistic one, but that isn't an impediment to his college hopes. He's making the rounds of camps to show his abilities, and made a stop at West Virginia recently to work with guest kicking instructor Paul Woodside and WVU special teams coach Joe DeForest.

"I learned several things that I think can help me improve," Carr said. "Coach Woodside had me snapping into a whiteboard to help emphasize me snapping through the target, and not just to it. Coach Deforest worked with me on getting my snaps flatter so they arrived more quickly."

DeForest also helped Carr work on his hip snap and incorporated a slight hop on the follow through of his snap, both of which Carr said helped with his balance throughout the process.

"Those are things I can definitely work on and improve," he said of the usability of the techniques he saw at the camp.

A rising senior, Carr is a three-year letterman at Bethel Park, based largely on his snapping ability. He got started as a snapper through the influence of his father, who was a snapper himself in high school. Once he realized he had a talent for it, he dedicated himself to improving, and has done so to the point that he's now drawing interest from several college teams, including Pitt and West Virginia.

"I try to focus on the special teams camps, because I know I'll get coaching and instruction there," Carr noted. "I am planning on going to a Pitt camp [later this summer]."

As for scholarships, Carr said "they'll come once you perform", and he's determined to do just that if he gets the chance. A walk-on offer from a Division I school is his goal, and West Virginia is certainly high on his list.

"The West Virginia coaches talked to me and got my information, and told me to keep working and that they'd be in touch," he confirmed. "It's a great campus, and I would love to go there."

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