Early Call

Stone Wolfley grew up with West Virginia football in his DNA, so he was overjoyed when the Mountaineer football program offered him a scholarship.

"I thought my dad was joking at first," Wolfley said of his father Dale, when he told him about West Virginia's scholarship offer. (Dale was an offensive lineman at WVU.) "When he told me it was true, I just couldn't get the words up to speak about it. It was just a dream come true."

In addition to his father Dale (1987-90), Stone's uncle Ron was also a Mountaineer (1981-84), so he knows all about the West Virginia program.

"Dad always tells me how amazing it was at West Virginia -- he told me about his experiences there, and I've always hoped to be able to make some of those myself. With my uncles, too, they all have told me about college, so that's something I've always worked for."

Wolfley showed the product of some of that work at WVU's 7-on-7 camp on Friday and Saturday, when he made a number of good catches and displayed good footwork on his routes.

"I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of new things at the camp," Wolfley said. It was a good experience. I got to play against some really good players, and it was an honor to play on the stadium field. I just imagined thousands of fans cheering. That was a lot of fun."

With all that piling up, it's not really surprising that Wolfley decided to commit to West Virginia on Sunday. He's thus the first member of the Class of 2015.

"I'll be telling the coaches soon," he said after making the decision. "It was an honor to get that offer."

Wolfley will continue to travel with his Morgantown High 7-on-7 teammates this summer. They are scheduled to play at Notre Dame's event this weekend, and will also host their own passing tournament and lineman challenge during the summer work period. He also doesn't plan to slack off.

"I work every day," he said. I'll be out there 'til the sun goes down. I work on both my blocking and receiving. We have great strength coaches that help me, and I study film and watch guys like Rob Gronkowski run routes. My dad makes sure I keep working, and I won't let up."

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