Video: "Only Option To Improve"

As will be the case until the team actually plays a couple of games, Isaiah Bruce and the rest of the players on the Mountaineer defense will field questions about last year's showing, and how things might improve in 2013.

Isaiah Bruce certainly pulled his weight in 2012 despite West Virginia's defensive problems. The Florida native recorded 94 tackles (including 51 unassisted stops, with 6.5 of those coming behind the line of scrimmage. Still, as a potential leader of the Mountaineer defense, he's targeted with questions about improvement at every turn.

To his credit, the redshirt sophomore takes such queries in stride, and even manages to use a bit of humor in the process.

"Just improvement," is his short answer for the goals for the defense in 2013.

"Anything better than last year is always better, right" he adds with a bit of a smile.

Bruce isn't taking last year's showing lightly, or joking about the need for improvement. But after an offseason of focus on the defense's role in last year's 7-6 record, there's only so much introspection one can do. He's again short and on target with his final assessment.

"That's the only option at this point."

In this interview, Bruce also gives his impression of the weight room renovation, and discusses the approach of the team to the coming season in light of last year's record.

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