"I'll Have A Lot of Fun In That Offense"

Justin Scott has been a college football fan, and a West Virginia fan, for a long time, so it didn't take him much more than an official visit to campus to seal his commitment to the Mountaineers.

"I've always been more of a college football fan than an NFL fan, and just watching the games and that offense, how could you not be a fan? It's explosive and fun to watch."

That was the foundation for Justin Scott's liking of WVU, and when the Mountaineers were early to offer and recruit the mobile tackle, it cemented the relationship. Add in a picture-perfect visit and an connection with recruiting coach Brian Mitchell, and the decision was very easy.

"I just felt the love from everyone on my visit," Scott told BlueGoldNews.com. "The players, the coaches, and everyone there. The facilities were fantastic, and I love that it's a college town."

Several attributes also made Scott very attractive to the WVU coaches, which had them recruiting him early in the process. He's tall (6-6) but moves very well, making him a candidate for offensive tackle. He has size (285 pounds). He's also a December graduate, which means he should be able to enroll at WVU in January of 2014. He also will have three years in which to complete his final two seasons of eligibility.

"The coaches were on me early and stayed with me, and I liked that a lot," Scott said. "I liked everything about my visit, so when I got back home I thought, 'Why wait?'"

Scott also developed a good rapport with Mitchell.

"He's genuine, and a cool dude. There's nothing he's going to say that dishonest. And he's really funny," Scott said with a laugh.

With offers from Washington State, Cincinnati, Wyoming and Kansas, among others, Scott had interest from schools across the nation. He did say that he might take a visit or two this fall, but that he was not looking at attending anywhere other than WVU.

A strong pass blocker, Scott said that he wants to work on developing his run blocking more and improving his strength. He also singled out his ability to get to the second level to block on screens and short passes as another of his strengths.

"I'm looking forward to getting there," said Scott, who switched from defensive end and tight end during his senior year of high school football to the offensive line. "I'll have a lot of fun in that offense."

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