Eason Makes Early Impression

Huntersville (N.C.) wide receiver Will Eason made his first ever trip to West Virginia this pastweekend. After a strong camp performance in front of the Mountaineer coaches, is an offer on the horizon?

A rising sophomore at wide receiver, Southlake Christian Academy standout Will Eason was able to place his talent on display this past weekend at West Virginia. While the camp itself was important, it took a backseat to getting to know the entire program.

"I really like West Virginia as a program, and that's the main reason why I came out there," Eason said. "I wanted to camp, as well, but I have a relationship with Coach (Lonnie) Galloway so I wanted to show him what I had. I did work out, though, as a wide receiver and I did good."

Eason, a 5-foot 8-inch, 160-pound receiver, had the opportunity to view the entire campus and facilities to see what they had to offer.

"I really like the campus," he said. "It's really beautiful. I like Morgantown a lot. It's a nice little town and a lot of nice people there. When we got there we toured the school. I went to other college camps and they didn't give us the chance to look around."

"The football facilities are really amazing," he continued. "They're new, so I like that too."

The aforementioned relationship with Mountaineers assistant Lonnie Galloway appears to have grown stinger after this past weekend. Despite a busy slate for just one day in town, Eason found time to communicate with his lead recruiter.

"After the camp I sat down and talked with him before I got on the road," Eason said. "Basically, he told me he was impressed. He already has a good relationship with my high school coach from recruiting here in the past. So he wanted to catch up with him, too. He wanted to see me in person and he told me he was impressed."

This week, Eason is supposed to contact the WVU coaching staff to follow up on his recent trip. He's also hoping to hear some good news mixed in with the conversation.

"Coach Galloway told me they were going to have a coaches meeting soon and he wanted me to call him later in the week," he said.

"West Virginia is definitely high on my board," Eason said. "If they offered they would be high, high on my list."

In addition to West Virginia, Eason is receiving interest from Akron, Clemson, Michigan and Georgia, among others.

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