Rasheed On Root

In this BlueGoldNews.com exclusive, Kevin Kinder talks with former West Virginia quarterback Rasheed Marshall about his initial foray into the broadcast business as an analyst for Root Sports during its airing of the WVU-Georgia State game.

Marshall, who said he "took each day one at a time and tried to learn a little more" during pregame preparation, opened the game portion of the broadcast by noting that "there's a lot of support coming from these (WVU) fans, this is what they live for. Week to week, they are going to come out and support this team, win, lose or draw. That's what you want as a player."

Marshall also noted that he thought - correctly, as it turned out - that quarterback Ford Childress would, indeed, be nervous in his first start, something the redshirt freshman admitted following the game.

Here, Rasheed talks about his preparation, on-air performance, the newfound respect he has for broadcasters and the potential for this to develop into a permanent career.

Vidoegrapher: Matt Keller

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