Fearless Picks: WVU - OSU

Oklahoma State is an overwhelming favorite against the Mountaineers on Saturday. Do any of our panelists see any hope for a massive upset?


No one was exactly smiling after WVU's performance last week, but the quartet that foresaw a Terp win (Andy, Chris, Jon and Michael) get the reward by vaulting to the top of the leaderboard.


It's tough to criticize the huge point misses when West Virginia's offense was so, to use Dana Holgorsen's word, inept. No one picked the Mountaineers to light up the scoreboard, but the zero points produced put everyone in the hole by at least 20 right off the bat.

Andy Easton Last Week: W Season: 4-0 Pt Diff: 84
Oklahoma State gallops into Morgantown undefeated and nationally ranked but I'm not as sold on the Cowboys as some of the voters. While they may end up a great team, to me, haven't been truly tested to this point.

On the other hand the Mountaineers have been tested and failed in epic proportions against Maryland. I believe the defense will continue to make strides but I also see the offense continually putting the defense in bad positions.

The Mountaineers will have to wait at least one more season to get their first conference win over the Cowboys.

Pick: Oklahoma St. 38-13
Chris Richardson Last Week: W Season: 4-0 Pt Diff: 87
Through the first few weeks of the season, I hadn't seen much that would lead me to believe the Mountaineers were very good. After last week's embarrassing loss at Maryland, though, it's becoming increasingly apparent that they're bad. Unfortunately, it's not any easier anytime soon.

Oklahoma State comes to town as a heavy favorite and with good reason: they're arguably the most complete team in the Big XII. The Cowboys shouldn't have much trouble in this one as West Virginia continues its tailspin.

Pick: Oklahoma St 34-3
Jon Martin Last Week: W Season: 4-0 Pt Diff: 91
There's not way West Virginia can win this week right? Let's analyze.

The Mountaineers are coming off their worst performance is arguably a decade -- a 37-0 drubbing against Maryland. Though the defense held its own for a decent portion of the game, the offense was shut out for the first time in 168 games.

Can things improve so dramatically in only a week to give the Mountaineers a chance against No. 11 Oklahoma State? I highly doubt it. The defense, which has been a surprising strength this season, is facing its toughest challenge of the season. And the offense? Well, …..

Pick: Oklahoma St 34-17
Michael Carvelli Last Week: W Season: 4-0 Pt Diff: 95
WVU's offense will put points on the board this week, but not nearly enough to compete with an Oklahoma State team that is the best in the Big 12 until someone else proves otherwise by beating the Cowboys. The Mountaineer defense will struggle against the potent Oklahoma State offensive attack.
Pick: Oklahoma St 45-17
Jane Donovan Last Week: L Season: 3-1 Pt Diff: 91
That terrible, long trip from the Oklahoma state campus to Morgantown will take an inordinate toll on those poor, out of shape, 20-year olds. Really, Mike Gundy? Maybe if you were flying them to Hawaii with a stop in Manitoba. This sounds like making excuses before you even need them. However, having said that, I don't really think you'll need too many excuses.
Pick: Oklahoma St 35-21
Tony Dobies Last Week: L Season: 3-1 Pt Diff: 99
West Virginia won't win this game unless Oklahoma State makes many, many mistakes on all sides of the ball. I guess the better question would be: Is West Virginia going to score a point on Saturday? It could get ugly.
Pick: Oklahoma St 51-20
Matt Keller Last Week: L Season: 3-1 Pt Diff: 112
Oklahoma State is everything - of now - that West Virginia isn't. The Cowboys have a true plug-n-play offense, last season using three quarterbacks and still managing an 8-5 mark. The facilities are incredible, the recruiting solid and the program just two years removed from winning a BCS game and deserving a berth in the national championship. With some better offensive line play, the Mountaineers likely aren't that far away from being a solid program. It is rebuilding a full allotment of players and adding depth across the board - and though it seems bad now, the program is taking steps to remedy issues, as it did with the defense in the offseason.

For this game, though, there doesn't appear to be much hope for an upset win. OSU is moving the ball effectively, isn't beating itself, as is West Virginia, and has more proven talent and ability up front and at receiver and quarterback. This one might be closer than most pundits expect, but it won't be change the end result.

Pick: Oklahoma St 31-17
Brian Jolliff Last Week: L Season: 3-1 Pt Diff: 115
After getting sucker punched last weekend in Baltimore, the Mountaineer faithful are filled with questions, concerns, incredulity, disconcertment, exasperation and several other descriptive nouns... along with some awkwardly placed verbs. Not to gloss over the baffling poor performance last week, but I'm at a loss on where this team is headed this season. I certainly don't think WVU gets pitched another shutout; nor do I think it can come out this weekend with a victory. Too much talent on the other side and not enough "something" going for the Mountaineers.
Pick: Oklahoma St 42-17
Greg Hunter Last Week: L Season: 3-1 Pt Diff: 118
The Big 12 schedule makers didn't do WVU any favors this year. Not only does West Virginia face the league's top two preseason picks to start the conference portion of the slate, but the Cowboys are the first of three Big 12 teams WVU faces this season that have an open date the week before facing the Mountaineers. Meanwhile, West Virginia is coming off a difficult and depressing loss to Maryland. On top of that, Oklahoma State simply has more offensive experience and talent than do the Mountaineers at this point.
Pick: Oklahoma St 31-17
Bill Gleason Last Week: L Season: 3-1 Pt Diff: 121
West Virginia can't keep the ball on offense enough to keep OSU off the field. An improved WVU defense will not be able to spend 40 minutes on the field and slow the Cowboys. More turnovers, dropped passes and mind boggling decisions in the return game.
Pick: Oklahoma St 49-17

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