BGN Video: Offense and Defense

Keith Patterson, Cody Clay, Jared Barber and Doug Rigg talk about preparation for the speed, quickness and exceptional playmaking ability of Baylor - on both sides.

Keith Patterson talks about what this year's defense has and how he is getting his guys ready for a Baylor attack that snaps the ball even faster than Oklahoma State's 20-second average.

A-Back Cody Clay talks about his roll in the red zone against Oklahoma State and how he feels he is used far more more like a tight end than a wide receiver.

Linebacker Jared Barber discusses the defensive keys versus Baylor and how this team continues to drive itself via a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude.

Fellow 'backer Doug Rigg, below, on the impressive speed of Bears' wideouts and how being a significant underdog - again - serves as motivation.

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