"He's A Huggs Player"

Proviso East head coach Donnie Boyce has been blessed with some excellent players over the past few years, and he believes he has another winner in WVU commitment Jevon Carter.

Boyce has seen the progression of Jevon Carter from supporting player to team leader, and he believes that process has set him up well for his senior season and college career at West Virginia. It's also helped him develop the toughness necessary to thrive under Mountaineer head coach Bob Huggins.

"Anytime you step into the a new situation, there's an adjustment involved," Boyce explained. "He's gone through that here, and he's going to be the main engine now. I see him evolving into a complete player."

Next year, Carter will be back on the bottom end of that process, as he makes the adjustment from high school star to collegiate rookie. Again, he'll have to fight for playing time and respect, and earning it won't be easy. However, with his experience at Proviso East backing him, Boyce believes he is well-provisioned for the task.

"He's a competitive player, Whatever you ask him to do, he'll do it," said Boyce, who is eyeing a third consecutive trip to the Illinois State Tournament this year. "If you ask him to guard a seven-footer, he'll do it. He loves a challenge. He knows he has to improve his strength, like every player going to college does, and he has been great in conditioning. That's what winners do, and that's what he has been doing."

Boyce believes those traits will make Carter an excellent defensive player as he learns from Huggins, but he also thinks the Mountaineer coach will be receiving an accomplished offensive player.

"He's a great scorer," Boyce said, using the term to define those performers who just figure out ways to get the ball in the hoop. "You can't leave him open outside, or he'll knock it down, and he's tough going to the basket."

While Carter's offensive skills stand out, Boyce thinks it is his consistent approach to the game which has made him a star now, and also bodes well for his future.

"He's a gym rat, but he approaches everything the same. He works at it all the time. And anytime he has questions, he'll come to me and ask about it. He just loves the challenge."

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