Recruiting Q&A

The staff answers your recruiting questions surrounding West Virginia athletics. In this installment we'll analyze a few under-the-radar prospects, continued quarterback recruiting, upcoming visitors and more!

Q. Is there any interest from WVU or any other D1 program for Morgantown (WV) running back Chazzy Thomas?

A. West Virginia has always kept a close eye on Thomas. The level of seriousness hasn't been to the point of offering, but as he continues to impress it's not unimaginable to think of the possibilities. Several D1 schools, including the majority of MAC schools, have been the most involved with him.

Q. Will WVU take another QB in this class? If so, who are we looking at?

A.It's entirely possible West Virginia adds another quarterback in this class. Going that route says more for adding depth to the position, rather than distrust in William Crest. The two current options are Quinton FLowers and Brennan Wassil.

Flowers is set on playing the quarterback position and has both running and passing skills. Wassil, conversely, is a pure-passer who already holds a preferred walk-on offer from the Mountaineers.

Q. Running back Leonard Fournette is listed as a prospect. Is that realistic?

A. West Virginia has extended an offer to Fournette -- and that about ends their involvement. It's expected he'll eventually sign with either Michigan or LSU.

Q. How realistic of a shot do we have with Donte Thomas-Williams and Trevion Thompson?

A. I've always believed West Virginia was a realistic option for both players. As their recruitment has played out, WVU becomes more of a leader for Thomas-Williams than Thompson. It s pretty clear that Thomas-Williams is the leading target at the running back position in this class.

Q. Are there any recruits, football or basketball, visiting for homecoming against Texas Tech?

A. As if often he case we'll update these more as we get closer to game day. This helps us provide a more accurate, professional list to give to our members. During this bye week, though, West Virginia coaches will be on the recruiting trail so the list could turn lengthy. Still, the coaching staff prefers not to overload with visitors on game days, so as to be able to spend more time with players when they are on their official visits.

Q. Is William Crest the real deal?

A. This is a tricky question … because it's difficult to define "real deal." Crest is a solid player. He's worked extremely hard on his mechanics, particularly his throwing delivery. I'm not sure he'll be an immediate starter next season, but he can develop into a solid player for years to come.

Q. Where do we stand with Jaleel Fields?

A. West Virginia has always been in good standing with Fields, and he his a top target in this class. He fits a position of need and could also help with another prospect, Dravon Henry. Other schools involved are Pitt, Purdue and Cincinnati.

Q. What is the status of Isaiah McKenzie?

A. McKenzie recently released a top five (in no particular order) of West Virginia, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Notre Dame and Rutgers. The Mountaineers have always been involved for his services, but Notre Dame appeared to have pulled away once they extended an offer. As time has passed, the Irish's class has grown nearly full, leaving McKenzie on the outside looking in, at least as far as South Bend is concerned.

A. This is a tough question because it's hard to gauge exactly how many recruits will be in this class. What I will say, however, is I believe West Virginia is in solid shape with a handful of recruits that could eventually find themselves in this class. I like Thomas-Williams, Tegray Scales, Isaiah McKenzie, Dravon Henry and Jaleel Fields.

Q. What impact will the de-commitment of Devante Averette have?

A. The particular de-commitment should have little impact. His departure could be summed up more with what Oklahoma State did right, more than what WVU did wrong. This time of the year schools get aggressive with recruits … even those committed elsewhere. West Virginia will do the same.

Q. Can WVU close the deal with Darius Slade?

A. Slade is an intriguing prospect. He's raw, athletic and has a frame to build on. I've often thought this battle would come down to Rutgers and West Virginia. His most recent offer, Nebraska, could have him switching things up a bit. But they'd have to make up considerable ground. Can WVU close the deal? Absolutely. But it's too early to call.

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