Fearless Picks: WVU - K-State

West Virginia has the better record, but K-State is the selection of most of our panelists in this week's competition


Andy retained his lead with the most accurate pick of the week, missing the final score by just seven points. Across the board, the point selections were outstanding, with seven selectors coming with 14 points of the final total.


Again, it's tough to fault the logic of anyone's selections last week, as the five who picked WVU could have easily come out the winner. Those losses have created a dogfight at the bottom of the ladder, where Greg, Matt and Brian are all within five points of each other (and the basement position).

Andy Easton Last Week: W Season: 6-1 Pt Diff: 174
The road has not been kind to the Mountaineers this season, as WVU has lost all three games by a combined score of 126-49. Kansas State has also has its fair share of struggles posting a 2-4 record thus far, but the Wildcats have been competitive in all four loses. The Old Gold and Blue has yet to prove they have what it takes to get it done on the road.
Pick: Kansas State 31-21
Chris Richardson Last Week: W Season: 6-1 Pt Diff: 183
I'll be short and sweet this week. Until the Mountaineers show consistent performance on offense, defense and special teams, I can't pick them to win much of anything, let alone a road game in the Big 12.

On a positive note, though, how about that letterman's sweater Bob Huggins wore to Big 12 Media Day?

Pick: Kansas State 30-24
Michael Carvelli Last Week: W Season: 6-1 Pt Diff: 201
Kansas State is a much better team than its 2-4 record would indicate, and in a game in which both teams really need to come away with a win, both WVU and K-State will come out with plenty of fire ready to try to get back on the winning track. Manhattan is a tough place to win for anyone - especially for a team like West Virginia that has had so much trouble on the road this season (the Mountaineers have been outscored 126-49 away from Morgantown). This will be a close one, but after two-straight losses that have done a lot of damage to West Virginia's confidence, it will be hard for the Mountaineers to leave Kansas State with a victory.
Pick: Kansas State 28-24
Jon Martin Last Week: L Season: 5-2 Pt Diff: 184
One just never knows, huh?

Last week it looked as if my West Virginia upset pick over Texas Tech was going to come to fruition. That was until the Mountaineers decided to seal my fate with a fourth quarter collapse. I'm not ready to give up on them, though.

The matchup between WVU and Kansas State is likely to not be easy on the eyes. Both teams are under .500 and have struggled consistently all season. But I think West Virginia is more talented. Yes, I know the Mountaineers haven't won on the road all season. But that doesn't matter. They get it done in Manhattan.

Pick: West Virginia 24-21
Bill Gleason Last Week: W Season: 4-2 Pt Diff: 204
Having been exposed with a lack of heart and toughness, WVU limps into The Little Apple to face a program with the most heart and toughness in the Big 12.

K-State's lack of offense won't be exposed by WVU. But itsdefense, which might be the best the Mountaineers have seen this season, will have a statistical field day against a team with a paper mâché offensive line and receivers who can't catch. Oh, and QB issues.

Pick: Kansas State 37-17
Tony Dobies Last Week: W Season: 5-2 Pt Diff: 216
Kansas State had a week off, and Bill Snyder is still the Wildcats' coach the last time I checked, so he should have them ready to go against West Virginia. KSU was stout against a seemingly unstoppable Baylor team earlier this month, and I would expect the Wildcats to use that as momentum moving forward. West Virginia hasn't proven it can win on the road, and it won't this weekend.
Pick: Kansas State 27-17
Jane Donovan Last Week: L Season: 4-3 Pt Diff: 187
I have no idea what to do with this week's pick, just as I have no idea what to make of this year's team. Perhaps that great 20th century American philosopher, Carole King, said it best: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes the blues get ahold of you, just when you thought you had made it."

Unfortunately, this does not seem likely to end as a Sweet Season. Ok, the good news is that it looks like we finally settled on a quarterback, so here's to hoping Trickett stays healthy, or at least vertical.

Pick: West Virginia 24-21
Greg Hunter Last Week: L Season: 4-3 Pt Diff: 211
These two teams have a lot in common. The main trait they share is that each is rebuilding this season after losing many high profile players from last year. Consistency on either side of the ball has been hard to find for both in 2013. The biggest differences for this game seem to be the intangibles – K-State not only is home, but it is also coming in with a week's rest.
Pick: Kansas State 24-21
Matt Keller Last Week: L Season: 4-3 Pt Diff: 212
Every advantage West Virginia took into the Texas Tech contest has been flipped upon itthis weekend. It's Kansas State with the home game off an open date, the more experienced coaching staff, the urgency to avoid a discouraging home defeat. There's really not much to like about this match-up other than KSU's talent level isn't that of any of the other Big 12 teams West Virginia has played - and played closely for the most part. I don't know where the mind of this Mountaineer team is, but it's hard to see it making plays late on the road, be it in an effort to hold or overcome a score. Add in KSU head coach Bill Snyder's steadiness and Dana Holgorsen's tendency to allow emotions to cloud in-game judgments, and the nod goes to the 'Cats.
Pick: Kansas State 27-24
Brian Jolliff Last Week: L Season: 4-3 Pt Diff: 216
As most of you are disappointed from last weekend's loss, I'm just as disappointed, but not overly surprised. With the ups and downs this year, any meaningful game analysis from week to week concerning this squad is not an easy task, as the current standings reflect. This weekend, as was the case last weekend, is a winnable game for the Mountaineers. As I look down the remaining schedule and try to predict where we end up in the record books, my instincts tell me that West Virginia has perhaps two more wins. But unfortunately, I do not see this as being one of those victories. The lack of home field support coupled with our road record to date, a struggling K-State team gets a much needed home win over WVU.
Pick: Kansas State 38-27

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