Fearless Picks: WVU - TCU

Only faint hopes of redemption are apparent in this week's picks, as the vast majority of our panelists don't see an escape from West Virginia's spiraling lack of confidence.


Bill's seven-point miss moved him to the top of the two-loss group, and all eight who picked K-State were within a reasonable point range, which keeps many of the season-long point battles alive.


Jane and Jon paid a price for their selections, with the formeer dropping into the three-loss pod while the latter falls to 4-4. However, that's still a record WVU would take at this point.

Andy Easton Last Week: W Season: 7-1 Pt Diff: 187
Two below average teams take the field in Fort Worth, Tex., on Saturday. It will probably depends on who tries harder to give the game away as to who the victor will be.

The Mountaineers have yet to show anything while playing on the road. TCU will win in a squeaker.

Pick: TCU 27-21
Chris Richardson Last Week: W Season: 7-1 Pt Diff: 200
The bad news: the Mountaineers still haven't shown that they're capable of winning a Big 12 road game.

The good news: the Boston Red Sox are World Series champions once again!

[Editor'sNote: That will be a ten point penalty for late submission and blatant cheering in the press box.]

Pick: TCU 27-13
Michael Carvelli Last Week: W Season: 7-1 Pt Diff: 220
I said it last week, and it still holds true heading into this game against TCU: I'm going to have a very difficult time picking West Virginia in any game until I see that it has what it takes to be able to close out a game. Not sure if the Mountaineer offense is going to be good enough to score the points it will need against a talented TCU defense - especially with the WVU defense struggling to get off the field the last few weeks.
Pick: TCU 27-17
Bill Gleason Last Week: W Season: 6-2 Pt Diff: 211
The two newest Big 12 members face off in TCU's renovated digs in a matchup of two squads with QB issues. The difference is that Gary Patterson has built his Horned Frog program on defense and tenacity. WVU's current situation is much improved on defense, with miles to go before it could make up for a shaky offense.

Shaky. If it were only that good.

Pick: TCU 38-17
Tony Dobies Last Week: W Season: 6-2 Pt Diff: 229
West Virginia hasn't proven to be able to win away from home, so I can't pick the Mountaineers. This will be close, as TCU isn't as good as Kansas State, but somehow the Horned Frogs will find a way past WVU late in the game.
Pick: TCU 21-20
Jon Martin Last Week: L Season: 5-3 Pt Diff: 210
Call it too much faith -- but I've picked the Mountaineers for two weeks in a row and they've let me down. So I'll get this out of the way early. I won't pick them this week.

West Virginia can beat TCU. I have zero doubt about it. But until it proves it can play a complete game and win on the road I'll continue to have my doubts. This team will still feature the same offense, special teams and Dana Holgorsen decision-making.

They'll be no three-strikes and out for me. I think the Horned Frogs roll.

Pick: TCU 31-17
Greg Hunter Last Week: W Season: 5-3 Pt Diff: 231
TCU probably deserves a better fate than its 3-5 record. It has held its own against strong foes like LSU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but has come up on the losing end to each. WVU also has close losses to Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Now they meet each other, and this will probably be close as well. You have to give the edge to the home team in close games.
Pick: TCU 21-20
Matt Keller Last Week: W Season: 5-3 Pt Diff: 232
Regardless of match-ups, there's little reason to believe this Mountaineer team won't self-implode, especially on the road. Steal one here, and the last three games - with Texas a home night kickoff - becomes quite interesting. All evidence, however, points to the contrary.
Pick: TCU 24-20
Brian Jolliff Last Week: W Season: 5-3 Pt Diff: 234
Another weekend and another WVU football game. I wish I could be more optimistic, but darn it, the Mountaineers just keep finding ways to keep me from being so. Whether it is lack of a reliable running game, poor quarterback play, 180 reversals of quality of play from half to half,keeping positive has not been an easy task. And I wish I had a better outlook on this weekends game with TCU, but one or more of the stated inefficiencies will lead to a four-game slide for the Mountaineers.
Pick: TCU 34-17
Jane Donovan Last Week: L Season: 4-4 Pt Diff: 213
I'm trying to be philosophical about the ongoing phenomenon of the fourth quarter collapse, so I turn to the wisdom of that great 20th century American philosopher, Jimmy Buffett who famously wrote, "Don't give me hope and then take it away." In the meantime, I sigh deeply, puzzle over the mysteries of the universe and this Mountaineer team, contemplate the tailgating menu for the Texas game next week, and continue to hope even though victory remains elusive.
Pick: West Virginia 21-20

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